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At DeVry University, you'll not only earn a degree that's well-respected, you'll earn a degree that's right for you. Our degree programs are designed to meet the needs of today's fastest-growing industries and to prepare you for careers in business, engineering technology, healthcare, technology, media arts, and computer information systems.

Regionally accredited like other top private and state universities, DeVry University offers career-oriented undergraduate degree programs that prepare students to step into exciting careers when they graduate. In fact, each year thousands of our graduates find themselves right where they want to be - employed in their fields of study. That graduate employment statistic means the odds are in your favor for career success when you earn your degree at DeVry University.

If you are a high school student working on your college preparation, a parent of a teenager or a high school educator, learn how DeVry University can help you, your child or your students make an informed decision about college and chart a course to a successful career in the field thatís right for you . Hear what DeVry University students are saying about their college choice and discover more about why DeVry may be the best choice for you.

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