High School Students

Student Spotlight

Sandra Oliva

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
DeVry campus: Tinley Park, Illinois
Major: Business Administration,
specialization Hospitality Management

Class size was probably the biggest factor in my choice of DeVry. I really like the one-on-one interaction and would hate to be in a big room with maybe 200 students like some of my friends from high school who have gone to other colleges. We've each made our choices about what we wanted from a college, but I work with my professors face-to-face and online that is a very positive factor for me.

Learning at Net speed

The accelerated classes DeVry offers lets you finish up faster so you can get out in the real world. It's not easy going to school year-round and wrapping up a class in eight weeks, but I'll be in my chosen field within two years of starting college.

I love the Tinley Park campus, and if I'm not in class or working at my job in career services, I'll be in the student commons area either studying or being with my friends. Most of my classes are on-campus but all of my hospitality concentration courses are online. I was really surprised how much I like the online courses. At first I thought it would be tougher without a professor in front of me but I get a lot out of the class discussion boards. The online classes have worked out very well for me.

Real world education

DeVry professors are definitely knowledgeable about the field they are teaching. It's great that they can relate what they're teaching to personal experience or current events. In one of my business classes we were discussing how to deal with people we like and those we don't. The teacher showed us that we had to put aside our personal feelings for the sake of the business and gave us examples of how to do it.

DeVry University also provides students with lots of support. The professors have office hours where you can meet with them to clear up things and make sure you understand the material. The school has a great ASC (Academic Support Center) with other students there to help you with assignments and understanding the class materials. My advisor in the DeVry financial aid office has always been very helpful and make sure that there aren't any financial barriers to finishing my education. I feel like the school is really looking out for my best interests and I feel at home there.

Sweet home Chicago

I'm debating whether to work in the hotel industry or casinos with my hospitality industry education once I'm finished with my degree. I'm leaning towards hotels because they are a little more low-key than a casino. And I can stay here in Chicago which is an absolutely great place to live.

When I work in a hotel, I hope to rotate through the different departments and get as much experience in all aspects of the industry as possible. I really want to become a manager because I love to work with people, and being a manager would let me work with both hotel guests and hotel staff.